Welcome to Anna Lee's

The restaurant and the catering business were started in September 1983. We serve lunch on weekdays from 11:30 to 2:00 and by arrangement. Our clientele consists mostly of regular customers and an occasional person who stumbles upon us.

For those of you who come to lunch alone, our community table may be the ticket. There you will find a copy of today’s paper and other periodicals, as well as the possibility of good company. Depending on the time of your visit, you may find Joe, The Early's or anyone of us eating lunch. You are welcome to join! It’s the big table in the back.

Taking Care of Our Guests

When you come in and there is not a table available, please wait a few minutes. All of our regular patrons are very sensitive to the fact that there is limited space and they will make room as soon as they have comfortably consumed their lunch – some may even invite you to share their table. We do what we can to make service go smoothly.

Items to Go: Anything on the menu is available for pickup before 12:00 and after 1:30. You may call in your order. There is a 10% charge for this service. Large amounts of soup, whole pinwheels and desserts, picnic meals, etc., must be ordered a day or two in advance.

Catering: Our emphasis is on individual planning; therefore, we do not have printed literature and price lists. Each customer’s interests are different. When discussing catering, we work with your budget and may offer some advice before arriving upon a quote, based on a per person charge. We can include linen, dishes, and glassware as well as service.

In-House Catering: The restaurant is available in the evening and on weekends as an extension of your home or business. We screen off the kitchen, get out the linens and candles and PRESTO! We can accommodate groups up to forty for these private parties, rehearsal dinners, meetings, or presentations.

Edible Garnish: To feast your eyes we add to each plate an edible decoration. You may find fresh fruit, carrot slices, a pickle, or a tuft of parsley or mint, all colorful and healthy. When these tidbits are enjoyed, it makes us happy.

Events: To see a list of our upcoming dinners, classes, and events, visit the Events page. If you would like to organize a group interested in a specific topic such as Soups, Desserts, Garnishing, Entertaining, Gifts from the Kitchen, Chocolate, and so on, we would love to do a class for you. Please contact us through our contact form to schedule a date and time.

The same goes for dinners - for birthdays, anniversaries, showers, book-signing parties, or rehearsal dinners with forty or so in attendence, we can provide the perfect, private space. We will design a menu to fit your taste and style and quote you a per person cost.

Personal Note

After high school, I attended a Professional year, learning the basics of nutrition, food preparation and kitchen management in the Netherlands. Then, I travelled to the United States at the invitation of a Kokomo, Indiana couple. I spent a year with Uncle John and Aunt Sara, and I don’t know what meant more as an education - the classes at Indiana University or the exposure to a terrific cook!

I received a scholarship to finish my degree and was a teacher for six years before moving to the Atlanta area. I became involved in the restaurant business first at Sidney's Just South and later at Spencer's restaurants, operated by the same family. At the beginning of 1982, I found Richard's close to home, which a year later grew into Anna Lee's.

There was, and still is, this pastry shop in my hometown of Nijkerk, The Netherlands; I could smell it when I was a kilometer away! By the time my bike was parked, my eyes were glued to the display window. Once inside, the sights and smells were overwhelming, and there was never enough money to cover the impulses! When pockets were empty, I would go around the building and stand on the pedals of my bike to look through the bakery's kitchen window. I could see the baker and several trainees at work with buckets of sweet butter, glazed cherries, whole hazelnuts, flavoring jars and a dark chocolate bath. Ahh, that would be the perfect job - and now it is!

I am Annelies. The name Anna Lee's is the phonetic offspring of my real name. I get to do the dessert and soup making, and enjoy running the restaurant. When I'm not here, I'm off to Aldi's or Sam's, or on the occasional day off. I hope my spirit hovers!